Career Options

What You Can Do With A Major

German language, literature, and culture—like classics or English—is a liberal arts discipline worth studying in its own right. Students with BAs in German compete well in non-technical fields for jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree. Further, when supplemented with appropriate additional courses, a major in German offers a competitive edge in a variety of professions. German majors have become successful lawyers, doctors, business professionals, teachers, scholars, and scientists.

Knowledge of foreign language and culture brings obvious competitive advantages in careers with an international dimension. The rapidly changing political, economic, and cultural scene in Europe suggests that German language and culture, in particular, will play an increasingly important role in international events for the foreseeable future. A German major will help prepare you for a global job market.

A major in German is also excellent preparation for graduate study in a variety of fields, including German, law, history, philosophy, film, and politics.

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An undergraduate degree in German can also be used as a foundation for a career in teaching. Students wishing to teach in public schools should contact the University of Pittsburgh School of Education for certification requirements. College-level teaching normally requires the PhD degree.

School of Education Requirements

Students interested in pre-collegiate teaching and wishing to obtain the Pennsylvania Instructional Certificate may complete the prerequisite courses for admission to the University of Pittsburgh School of Education, while working on their undergraduate degrees in German.

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Six credits of university-level mathematics
  • Six credits of university-level English (including a composition course and a course in either American or British literature)

More detailed information about the various programs and application process is available at the School of Education Web site.

Certificates in Western European Studies, European Union Studies and the Global Studies

Many German majors elect to enhance their knowledge of international studies by completing either the WES, EUS or Global Studies Certificate. Information about both certificates is available at the Center for International Studies Web site.