Useful Websites

 We have put together a list of our favorite websites for you:


Undergraduate Studies at the University of Pittsburgh:


General Education Requirements:
Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Studies:
University Center for International Studies:
Global Studies Center:

Studying in Germany

Study Abroad Office (University of Pittsburgh):

General info:

General info:

Student visa requirements:

Health Insurance for Student studying in Germany:

Higher Education Compass (search engine for degree programs in Germany):

DAAD summer courses:

Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange (we have had 4 people accepted in the last 2 years! If you are interested, we can probably connect you with one of them!):


RISE (summer research internships for STEM students):


The Goethe-Institut is the Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural institute, active worldwide. Its goal is to promote the study of German abroad and encourage international cultural exchange. Their website has a lot of materials, but they also offer language classes in Germany.

Do you require evidence of your German language skills that is recognized all over the world? The Goethe-Institut offers German exams for all levels of ability, ranging from A1 to C2. (The Department of German is in the process of becoming a testing center for the GI. Please check back later this summer for more details.)

About the Goethe-Zertifikat:

Learning German

To Learn and Practice German:

Media Center/Language Lab in the Cathedral:

The following websites and the app Duolingo offer a variety of ways to practice your German, often in a fun and entertaining way – highly recommended!

Deutsche Welle:

Deutsch perfekt:

Duolingo:  (Did you know that Duolingo is located in Pittsburgh?) 

Online Dictionaries:

Available both in English/German and vice versa, and in German/German. Beware though: sometimes a printed dictionary can be much more helpful. Online dictionaries are often harder to navigate, as they tend to give you many options with very few cues to tell you which one might be the right one in your case. We recommend therefore that you double-check, especially if you looked up an English word: test if you picked the correct German translation by translating it back into English using the same app. Often the other English words suggested will give you a hint if you chose the right one.]   (German-German Dictionary)  (German-German Dictionary)

Online Flashcards:

You can create your own, but sometimes other people have already done the work for you and created the flashcards you need (you will find several sets for Netzwerk for example).

German Grammar:

If you are looking for more grammar explanations and exercises in particular, these websites might be helpful, and they often have other interesting information as well:

Grammar Review (Dartmouth College):

Interactive Grammar Tutor (University of Michigan):

German Grammar with Rules and Interactive Exercises: ODER https://deutsch.lingolia....

Grammar Explanations, Review Exercises, and more:

Nancy Thuleen:

Toms Deutschseite:

German-Language Media

Deutsche Welle (news and articles, and you can pick the language!)

Der Spiegel (famous weekly magazine, founded in 1947; the print edition often has some controversial covers, which you can check out in the department):

Focus (weekly magazine):

Der Stern (another weekly magazine with a long history, founded in 1948):

Die Zeit (weekly paper)): (Die Zeit’s online magazine for ‘young‘ people, which is sometimes trying a little too hard to be hip):

Daily Papers:

Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:

Die Süddeutsche Zeitung:

Der Tagesspiegel:

Die Frankfurter Rundschau:

Die Welt:

Die Tageszeitung:

Der Standard (Österreich):

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Schweiz):

Die Bildzeitung:

TV and Video:

Die Tagesschau: Watch the news in German:

Deutsche Welle (also has videos, and you can pick the language!)


Viva, Germany's version of MTV (for all the cool kids):

Popular TV shows (Stromberg, Pastewka) free online:

More Information about the History and Culture of the German-speaking Countries:

Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung:

The Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung/bpb) is a federal public authority providing citizenship education and information on political issues for all people in Germany.

Information about Switzerland:

Information about Austria:



Deutsches Historisches Museum:

Deutsche Geschichte in Dokumenten und Bildern (DGDB)/ German History in Documents and Images (GHDI):


The ZDF Deutschland-Saga:

The ZDF "Die Deutschen" series:

Planet Wissen (lots of good articles on German culture and history):


Holocaust and Peace Studies:

City for the Cultures of Peace

Classroom without Borders

Yad Vashem

US Holocaust Museum

Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh



Online Primary Source Material:



D. L Ashliman's Library of Folktexts:


About Literature:

A general introduction zur Epochenliteratur (for all those nerds):

Information about contemporary literature:

Sommers Weltliteratur to go (run by Reclam Verlag; summaries of German literary gems using legos):


To buy German books: