Student Ambassadors

German Student Ambassador Program


The Pitt German Department’s Student Ambassador Program seeks to engage our experienced upper-level German students (pursuing a major or certificate) for the goals of recruitment, community building, and outreach both at Pitt and at local high schools.

What are the benefits of becoming a Student Ambassador?

Through their participation in the ambassador program, students will develop a range of transferable skills, such as leadership and communication skills, to benefit future personal and professional endeavors. For example, students will gain leadership experience to enhance a resume for future job / university applications. Students will also learn to articulate reflectively the impact of their study abroad or internship experiences, which will serve them well in future job interviews. Additionally, students will gain meaningful experience through community involvement and service.

Students awarded a position in the Student Ambassador Program will also receive an initial $250 award per semester. Faculty will review applications each semester. Students accepted into the program will not need to reapply but should express interest in continuing each semester.

  • Fall 2022 applications due September 7, 2022

(See application information below)

What does a Student Ambassador do?

Student Ambassadors may be invited to undertake a variety of tasks in line with the goals listed above. Primarily, Student Ambassadors will be asked to speak reflectively and informatively about their experiences connected to German, e.g. their experiences learning the German language, how German language/culture connects with their other fields of interest (history, STEM, etc.), Study Abroad, internships, applying for funding, doing research, applying for post-graduation opportunities (Fulbright/DAAD/CBYX, etc.), and more.

Ambassadors will be asked to participate in German department programming and to represent the German Department at a variety of sites. For example, ambassadors may be asked …

  • To visit beginner- and intermediate-level German classes and German general education classes on the Oakland campus,
  • To attend selected German Department events (these might include orientation, “Germany on Campus”, Oktoberfest, Laber Rhababer, Spielabend, etc.),
  • To visit local high schools or high schools participating in the College in High School German program (accompanied by Pitt faculty and maximum 1 visit per semester).

Ambassadors will also be required to attend training sessions led by the German faculty advisor.

In short, we hope that Student Ambassadors are able to create genuine connections with prospective and continuing students. Ambassadors are also not limited to promotional roles, they might answer questions about enrollment and orientation, help new students feel comfortable on campus, and play an important role in building an inclusive and supportive environment in the German Department.

What qualities make a good Student Ambassador?

Because Student Ambassadors will be serving as representatives of the University of Pittsburgh and the German Department, we are seeking student applicants, …

  • who have a positive attitude and are enthusiastic and approachable,
  • who have a strong academic record in German,
  • who are involved in German beyond the classroom (study abroad, internships, conversation hour, etc.),
  • who demonstrate professionalism and have excellent communication and interpersonal skills,
  • who are interested in building strong leadership skills,
  • who are punctual, flexible, and reliable.

How do I become a Student Ambassador?

Please complete this short application, and submit your completed application to Dr. Jaclyn Kurash ( via email.

  • Fall 2022 applications due September 7, 2022