Randall Halle Publishes Latest Monograph

Professor Randall Halle, Klaus W. Jonas Professor of German and Film Studies, has published his most recent monograph, "The Europeanization of Cinema. Interzones and Imaginative Communities," with the University of Illinois Press.  From the book jacket: "In this innovative study...Halle advances the concept of 'interzones' as a mechanism for analyzing European cinema.  Interzones, he explains, are geographical and ideational spaces that develop from border crossing in the broadest sense.  They are places of transit, interaction, transformation, and contested diversity. Halle explicates this innovative concept by reinvigorating the theory of the cinematic apparatus, exploring anew the relationships between cinema and the social order.  Focusing especially on borders, borderlands, and cultural zones, he shows how interzones have manifested in distinct periods of cinema history."  One scholar praises the book as follows: "An original and ground-breaking view of the post-Wende central European landscape, drawn from a remarkable abundance of sources. Halle's writing is intelligent and even amusing - I couldn't put the book down until I had read it to the last page." - Janina Falkowska.