The German Minor

photo by Randall Halle








The minor in German Studies offers students a basic level of language and/or cultural competence and requires at least 15 credits. Students can tailor their course selection according to their interest in German language and/or culture. They may select courses exclusively in German, or a mix of literature and film courses that are offered either in English translation or in German. Three tracks are available:


Option I. (min. 15 credits): German Language and Culture

  • German Language
    • 2 courses taught in German (German 0001-German 1499)
  • German Culture
    • 3 courses taught in German or English (GER 1000–1599

Option II. (min. 15 credits): German Culture

  • German Culture
    • 5 courses taught in German or English (GER 1000-1599)

Option III. (min. 15 credits): German Language

  • German Language
    • 5 courses taught in German (German 0001–German 1499)

*Please Note: GER 1000–1410 are taught in German and GER 1500–1599 are taught in English.

Other requirements and options

  • Students must pass the highest Intermediate German course (GER 202/Ger 204) with a minimum grade of “B-” before taking any course on the German 1000-level).
  • Six credits may be transferred from study abroad programs in German-speaking countries to count toward the 15 total credits.
  • A minimum Grade Point Average of 2.0 is required in each course that counts toward the minor.
  • No course that counts toward the minor can be taken on an S/NC basis unless the student receives special permission from the minor advisor.


Students interested in the minor should email Jaclyn Kurash, Director of Undergraduate Studies, at