Course Offerings Spring Term 2023

Language Courses in Spring Semester 2023:

We are offering all our regular German language courses from German 101 (Beginning German 1) to German 202 (Intermediate German 2) this fall. Note: There is no GER 103 anymore! The new sequence is 101 – 102 – 201 – 202.

If you are not sure, which one you should take, check out our placement guide here:

In German 101-202, we are working with the new textbook series Impuls Deutsch. German 101 will be offered online this Spring.

All the textbooks will be supplemented by a variety of authentic materials, e.g. music, websites, and videos.

If you are taking one of our intermediate-level courses, you will also read a short book, either Inge Scholl’s Die weiße Rose, about a resistance group in the Third Reich, or Otfried Preussler’s Krabat, which is a fantasy story based on an old folk tale. (Both books have been edited for language learners.)

Of course there will also be a project again! In the past, project themes have included political parties in Germany, regions of the German-speaking world, the situation of refugees in Germany and the US, and adaptations of well-known German fairy tales.”


GER 1001 Writing on the Margins

MWF - 1-1:50PM

Dr. Jaclyn Kurash

GER 1004 Geschäftsdeutsch

T/Th - 4:00-5:15PM

Dr. Dieter Wältermann

GER 1010 "Coffee and the News"

F - 12-12:50PM

Dr. Victoria Harms

GER 1102 The German-Speaking World Today

MW - 3:00-4:15PM

Prof. Von Dirke

GER 1105 Literary Analysis

T/Th - 1:00-2:15PM

Prof. Amy Colin

GER 1202 German Literature 1750-1820: Romanticism

T/Th - 9:30-10:45AM

Prof. John Lyon

GER 1500 Germanic Myths, Legends, and Sagas

M/W - 1-1:50PM

Dr. Uwe Stender

GER 1502 Indo-European Folktales

M/W- 12-12:50PM + Th/F Recitation

Dr. Benjamin Brand

GER 1510 Kafka and the Modern World

T/Th - 4:00-5:15PM

Prof. Colin

GER 1542 Marx and Marxism

M/W - 2-2:50PM

Prof. von Dirke