All Are Welcome

„Alle sind willkommen“ / „All Are Welcome“

As scholars and educators in the field of German Studies, we understand the historical burden of antisemitism, toxic patriarchy, colonialism, racism, homo- and transphobia, and xenophobia. We are concerned about the dangerous and destabilizing forces in the United States and elsewhere that characterize our current moment. And we feel obliged by the history of the German-speaking world and, therefore, committed to our shared values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. As educators and scholars in a humanities department, our aim is to foster understanding between people, regardless of whom, and to demonstrate that language, reasoning, creativity, respect, and empathy must be nurtured to help us recognize our shared humanity and steel us against prejudice that divides us and the violence it begets. It is our utmost goal to create an environment where all are welcome, regardless of race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, or place of origin.

We pursue an agenda of communication and understanding in our classrooms, in our research, and in our administrative undertakings. We stand against any words or actions that would denigrate and subordinate one group or classification of people to another (such as anti-Black or anti-Asian racism, anti-Trans or anti-LGBTQ+ movements, to name only a few). And we invite our students, colleagues, alumni, and members of our community to join us in our ongoing endeavor to educate ourselves and those around us about those pernicious forces that drive people apart. In contrast to those forces, we strive to show how communication, creativity, respect, and empathy can build and expand bridges of understanding between the wide diversity of people that constitute our modern world.